Rocklin, California is situated in the vicinity of more than 20 rock quarry sites. It is believed that, at one time, Rocklin was home to as many as 60 quarries.

A rich piece of Northern California’s history, these mines were once used to extract building materials directly from the open Earth and now serve as a collection of important historical sites. Many of the former quarries have been repurposed to be enjoyed by the community today, including [Name of the quarry they are building on], the site of the Rocklin Village Estates community.

While most of the city’s former quarries sit empty and vacant, they play a significant role in Rocklin’s rich history. In fact, the Capitol Quarry, also known as ”Big Gun Quarry,” was once the largest quarry operated by the Union Granite Company and provided a source for granite for its namesake, the California State Capitol building. This quarry operated up until its closing in 2005.

Recently, one of these quarries was transformed into the ultimate entertainment destination for Rocklin families, Quarry Park Adventures. The park offers family-friendly thrills to visitors, including zip lines, rock climbing walls and more. Another former quarry, Quinn Quarry, which once supplied granite for Monterey’s iconic Breakwater site, was a treasured local swimming hole before becoming part of the entertainment attraction as a lake for paddleboat rides.

Another notable quarry, the Early Union Granite Company Quarry, is hidden but still very much present. This quarry is hiding under a lake in front of the Placer/Rocklin Library situated at Rocklin Road and the appropriately named Granite Drive.

While the local quarries are not in operation any longer, they serve as an important and treasured reminder of the rich history that Rocklin was founded upon. The [Name of the quarry they are building on] will have a new beginning in its next phase of serving its purpose to the city when families and community members call the Rocklin Village Estates community “home.”